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"The pianist, Stephen Kramer, deserves a chapter for himself. He was the true matador of the evening; a musician in the greatest sense of the word, always capable of intuiting, with rare sensibility, the soloists'intentions and, above all, to multiply the expressive tension with an understanding that few musical natures possess."

Andrea Bambace - IlGiornale , Bolzano


"The versatile conductor of the Isos, S. Kramer, directed the orchestra in the three stupendous "Preludi Sinfonici per l'Edipo Re di Sofocle" di Pizzetti... The Isos performed admirably under the energetic direction of Kramer."

​Giuliano Tonini - Adige


" Ecstatic the interpretation of Margaret Price in "Heimliche Aufforderung" by R.Strauss; here bloomed also the piano sound of Stephen Kramer, whose subtle touch contributed to the great joy of the evening."

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

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